HR Consulting

We confidently undertake and successfully execute small to large scale consulting projects with the help of our highly experienced team of HR Consultants

Our broad experience and expertise enables us to execute HR consulting projects in all the below areas:

  • Organisational Structures- Design and Implementation

Our solutions are focused on driving enhanced performance. We help you set clear objectives, measure contribution and drive skills development. We integrate performance management into your day-to-day business operations so it becomes part of how you work. We deliver training workshops to support the implementation of Performance management and develop bespoke solutions for 360-degree feedback surveys.

  • HR Strategy & Road- map

Our approach is focused on helping you develop an HR strategy that is aligned to and helps you deliver your company strategy. Each organisation is unique; its challenges, its opportunities and its people. We consider all aspects of an HR framework in developing a robust HR strategy.

  • HR Policies & Procedures / Employee Handbook

we develop tailored HR policies covering all aspects of the employment lifecycle from attracting and recruiting talent through to exiting. We develop new policies and review and update existing policies always ensuring your policies are legally compliant and aligned to international best practices. We offer support to managers and HR teams in implementing new policies and procedures.

  • Job Description, Job Evaluation and Grading

The first step to job evaluation and grading is to create comprehensive job descriptions that can be used to evaluate the size of each role. GCH has extensive experience in developing job descriptions for a variety of job roles across numerous industry sectors and develop grading structures based on widely used job evaluation methodologies.

  • Compensation and Benefits Frame work

We start by understanding your pay philosophy and how you see rewards contributing to your organisation. Our services include external benchmarking and internal salary alignment. Whether you are looking for performance-based reward packages or incentive schemes, we will help your organisation build and implement a comprehensive compensation and benefits framework

  • Competency Models

We follow a five-step process to build competency models:

  • Gather background information.That includes cataloguing existing resources, organizing resources, comparing contents to the building blocks framework, and determining commonalities for an industry model.
  • Develop a draft competency model framework. Identify themes and patterns in the information, and relate the information to content areas.
  • Gather feedback from subject matter experts. If possible, select experts from across geographic and industry sub-sectors to gain the broadest perspective.
  • Refine the framework. Add or delete competencies as appropriate.
  • Validate the framework. This essential step ensures acceptance by the target community of users.


Competency models are widely used in business for defining and assessing competencies within organizations in both hard and soft skills. They represent a key component of recruitment and hiring as well as talent and performance management activities of HR departments.


  • Performance Management Frameworks

We have a wealth of expertise in this area. We have worked successfully with senior executives and HR teams across many industries to design and implement frameworks to support career development and succession planning

  • Assessments- Psychometric, Leadership & Technical
  • Change Management – Due Diligence & Restructuring

Our approach to change is simple. We will define your change agenda, assess the risks, consider the cultural aspects of change and develop detailed plans and provide support right through to implementation.
We focus  on supporting your business so that it is fully operational throughout the change process and identify change levers that help to embed the change and deliver long term results.

  • HR Analytics & HR Metrics – Intelligence for decision making!!

An accurate understanding of the skills, expertise and qualities of your employees- is essential for the decision makers in every organisation. However, the available evidence suggests that despite the importance of having accurate talent intelligence.

The benefits to your business of implementing analytics competency in your HR team, can be as significant as:

  • 2x more likely to improve your recruiting efforts.
  • 2x more likely to improve your leadership pipelines.
  • 3x more likely to realise cost reductions/efficiency gains.
  • 5x more likely to improve talent mobility – moving the right people into the right jobs.


  • Employee Surveys-

We can give you an all-encompassing solution which includes questionnaire design, collecting and analysing data to action planning.

Our process ensures confidentiality and anonymity. We use a variety of techniques, such as; online surveys, face-to-face, telephonic interviews and focus groups.